Touro College Lander College For Men Classroom & Laboratory Facility


The new campus building and adjacent courtyard, designed for Lander College for Men, form the centerpiece of Touro College`s campus in Kew Gardens, Queens. The facility has a L-shaped building plan and includes three- and four-story wings which house numerous diverse program functions. The Lander building contains 16 high-technology classrooms, including three equipped for distance learning, a Beis Midrash (specialized library for Talmudic studies), a 22,000-volume library, four computer labs, five student science laboratories, and four faculty research laboratories. The wings of the building form a student courtyard located at the center of the campus, and its roof functions as an open-air terrace. The balance of the site includes recreational spaces and athletic facilities, resulting in a building plan that encourages mingling between members of Touro College`s student population, faculty, and administration, as well as with local community residents who also take advantage of the state-of-the-art facility.