A Dragon for Dorchester


A Dragon for Dorchester is an eight-foot long gentle bronze beast with a heart-shaped tail that affirms his loving nature. Resting close to the ground, FukuRiu-Japanese for "Lucky Dragon"-invites children to come over and give him a pet, and even sit on his back and look over the stacks of books he keeps by his side. As well as encouraging reading, FukuRiu promises wisdom to the children who rub the jewel in his head three times. The dragon lives on the Nonquit Street Green. He is the invention of Nancy Schon, whose interest in creating interactive sculptures that people-especially children-can touch has made her a leader in the new genre of play sculpture. Her best-known work, Make Way for Ducklings, has greeted visitors to the Boston Common since 1987.

Installed, 2003


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