Carol Salmanson is a Brooklyn-based artist working with light, optics and reflective materials to create site-responsive installations and objects. The unusual proportions of the West 10th Window suggested the combination of seven different colors, shapes, and sizes of LEDS arrayed in three layers. Salmanson refers to the result as a “constellation of squares hovering in space.” Although references to heavenly bodies are apt descriptions of her work, what separates Salmanson from other LED artists is her tendency to reveal the technical and physical elements needed to create her work. Wires and welds are not only visible but, incorporated into the work as if elements of delicate line drawings. The inclination to merge analogue and digital and expose rather than hide technique is distinctive of Salmanson`s work. For the West 10th Window, this multilayered approach has resulted in an installation that alludes to drawing in space by day and illuminates the window by night.

Installed, 2014
Removed, 2014