New York State Pavilion


The iconic New York State Pavilion is one of the structures remaining in Flushing Meadows Corona Park from the 1964-65 New York World's Fair. Designed by esteemed architect Phillip Johnson, it consisted of the Tent of Tomorrow, the Theaterama, and the Astro-View Towers. Commissioned by Nelson Rockefeller, it was the tallest structure at the fair at 226 feet to the top of the towers. The Tent of Tomorrow bicycle wheel roof was supported by sixteen 100-foot tall concrete columns. The world`s largest map of New York State adorned the terrazzo floor. After the fair, in addition to hosting various musical acts in the late 1960`s, a roller skating concession operated in the mid-1970`s. Since then, the structure went unused and virtually ignored by New York City and fell into disrepair. Since 2009, the New York State Pavilion Paint Project has been repainting the mezzanine and caring for the building. The Paint Project and NYC Parks held successful sneak peek open gate events which drew thousands of people in support of saving the building. Much awareness has been raised with the help of additional organizations and the Queens Borough President has obtained funding to begin restoration of the towers.

Constructed, 1964
Restoration Begins, 2009

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