Located in one of the largest townships in the country, The Centrum Club's planning is inspired from traditional 'wada' houses of Maharashtra where groups of rooms are arranged around one or many courtyards. In this clubhouse, the courtyard is translated as an activity zone comprising swimming pools and a deck. This water court is flanked by naturally ventilated, semi-open hallways that organically extend to form the cafe and juice bar around it's edges. While connecting various enclosed functions, they also connect to the open children's play areas creating an interesting juxtaposition of open, semi-open and covered spaces, blurring the boundaries of inside and outside. The material palette is also a steady transition across the spaces furthering the intent of seamlessness. Dynamic volumes in massing encapsulate the built and un-built spaces while keeping the courtyards shaded from Western sun and glare. A composition of bold exterior finishes in Weathered Steel and Rough Plaster are punctuated by graphically located openings to frame views of the distant hills. Dramatic light and shadows, and playful glimpses across inside and outside extend the building's reach beyond the physical site.

Constructed, 2019