Black Lives Matter Mural at Foley Square


The size of the Foley Square mural, which stretches across three blocks of Centre Street from the New York Supreme Court House to the Manhattan Municipal Building, is roughly comparable with the others, albeit perhaps a bit grander in scale at 600 feet long. It also eschews the straightforward, monochrome execution of some of, but not all of, the city`s Black Lives Matter murals in favor or 16 individual letters that are kaleidoscopic in nature. A veritable bonanza of colors, shapes, and designs, each letter can be viewed as a distinct, standalone work of art. In fact, three different artists—Tijay Mohammed (Black), Sophia Dawson (Lives), and Patrice Payne (Matter)—created each mammoth word. Located in the civic heart of New York City adjacent to the historic site of the city`s African Burial Ground, the Black Lives Matter mural at Foley Square is the only one that`s creation was led by—and was largely funded in part by—architects, designers, and urban planners.

Installed, 2020