The Cook Book by 'Oscar of the Waldorf'


There were many food innovations at the Waldorf Astoria that became widely popular. Chop Suey was supposedly invented for a dinner for the Chinese Ambassador in 1896. Oscar Tschirky the long time Maitre D invented Waldorf Salad which originally contained just apples, celery and mayonnaise. Other innovations included Eggs Benedict and Thousand Island Dressing A story circulated that a guest at the upscale Waldorf-Astoria Hotel dining at the hotel`s eminent restaurant, ordered a slice of fudge cake for dessert. The woman enjoyed it so much that she asked the waiter for the recipe, with which he complied. Upon receiving her hotel bill in the mail, however, there was a hefty charge for the recipe. To obtain revenge, she began to widely distribute the specifications for making the cake. The original cake was actually chocolate. The hotel also became famous for its version of the chocolate cake with red food coloring or Red Velvet Cake which was wildly popular.

Published, 1896


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