Magic Realism in Kingsbridge


In the past it might have been easy for Kingsbridge area residents to go about their daily business without a thought given to their neighborhood's history and surroundings-places like Kingsbridge Hills, Ewen Park, Harlem River, Jerome Park Reservoir, and Spuyten Duyvil Creek. This is no longer the case. Felipe Galindo's Magic Realism in Kingsbridge stems from his study of the area's residents and his hopes that the imagery in his designs will engage the audience, inspiring them to meditate on their surroundings and see things they take for granted in a different way. Galindo says he sought to discover the unexpected treasures in the neighborhood-its life, diversity, nature, and most of all the power of imagination. Each element in the faceted glass panels presents a surprising scene. For example, a tropical island is found in the Harlem River, and a fire escape leads to the heavens, providing a sense of magic. Galindo feels that his artwork, with its combination of urban, natural, surreal and historical elements, provides an opportunity for viewers to experience something intriguing or surprising each time they pass through the 231 Street subway station.

Constructed, 2008