Ticker Tape Parade for King Albert and Queen Elisabeth of Belgium


Ticker Tape parade honoring King Albert & Queen Elisabeth of Belgium. The ticker-tape parade held in honor of the visiting Belgian King Albert and Queen Elisabeth marked the first of its kind held for royal heads of state. The king and queen`s official threemonth visit to the United States from September to November 1919 took place nearly one year after the conclusion of World War I. Many Americans had heard of the foreign dignitaries` role in the war. It was King Albert`s refusal to allow the Germans peaceful passage through Belgium to attack France—and his subsequent command of the Belgian army to hold back German forces—that facilitated British and French victory at the Battle of the Marne. King Albert and Queen Elisabeth were also champions on the front lines—Albert as commanding officer and Elisabeth as a nurse. The pair`s bravery and dedication garnered widespread praise.

Celebration, Oct 3, 1919

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