Hudson River Park Segments 6 and 7


The greening of New York City's Hudson River waterfront, historically the site of maritime infrastructure and heavy industry, returns river access to the public. The design of this two-mile segment of the Hudson River Park along Manhattan's west side transforms the former industrial waterfront into a public amenity, revives boating, and encourages other maritime activities. Three "upland" buildings house classrooms, concessions, restaurants, maintenance spaces and public restrooms, and three boathouses are distributed along the length of the park between West 26th and West 59th Streets. Based on contrasting prototypes of masonry "upland" or zinc-clad "pier" structures, they are adapted to each particular site or program. Boathouses at Pier 96, Pier 84, and Pier 66 serve educational and recreational programs. These structures are based on a common prototype, that are adapted to the requirements of their particular site or program. The structures emphasize the principles of environmentally conscious, energy efficient design, and take advantage of solar orientation, natural daylight and ventilation. Large sliding doors provide cross ventilation; the interiors receive abundant clerestory lighting, and ridge vents provide natural convection. The Pier 84 service building houses a cafe, park offices, and public facilities. Sustainable design features include: restoration and protection of habitat; native and drought-resistant plantings; water use reduction and targeted irrigation; maximization of open space; green roof; maximized daylight (clerestories); site lighting minimizing light pollution; increased natural ventilation; maximized views from buildings; recycled and regional materials; forest council certified woods; benign (non-off-gassing) materials; 50-Year life cycle; public transportation access; enhanced non-motorized transportation; and bicycle storage.

Old - Built by Women in 2015
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