In 1868 a new method for building subway tunnels used a retaining wall to allow construction without damaging roadways and buildings was called Shield Method. In 1900, the IRT service ran from City Hall to Grand Central when the 1st section of NY Subway opened
In 1908 subway Tokens Passenger service began to Hudson Station (replaced by WTC 1971)
1909 1st subway car with center doors to Improve the passenger flow was tested on the IRT line1953 Subway Tokens introduced when the fare was raised from 10 to 15 center to make it easier than using 3 nickels

Constructed, 1904
Opened, Oct 27, 1904

Opening Ceremonies N.Y. Subway, Oct 27, 1904, on City Hall steps. On Friday night, Mayor McClellan inaugurated the first subway; more than 125,000 people took a ride before midnight. 1100 people went on the first ride.someone pulled the brake, mayor Mclallan (check spl) was driving. The tickets cost 5 cents each

ABANDONED CITY HALL SUBWAY STATION - 6 train terminating at Brooklyn Bridge uses the loop to run around to the uptown local track.The commemorative plaques originally in the station, which had been moved to Brooklyn Bridge station by 1962, were taken back to City Hall and reinstalled in their original positions in 1996. In late 1998, the plans were quietly cancelled, the public were prohibited from riding around the loop, and the Transit Museum's tours of other closed areas were also cancelled.

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Great Blizzard of 1888- 200 people die and the demand for a subway system occurs.