Columbia University

Formerly Kings College

Founded, July 17, 1754

In 1752 Trinity Church gave a grant of land for a new college.On July 17, 1754, the first class of King`s College, which was to become Columbia University, met in the schoolhouse of Trinity Church located across this street. The charter for the college was granted on October 31, 1754, during the reign of King George II.

Moved, 1784

The college reopened in 1784 with a new name—Columbia—that embodied the patriotic fervor that had inspired the nation's quest for independence.


Related People
Alexander Hamilton, From meager beginnings and life as an orphan, he moved to New York City in 1772 and attended King’s College (now Columbia University) on a scholarship.
Gershom Mendes Seixas, In 1787 Seixas became the first member of his faith to be elected a trustee of King's College (until 1815). He was also one of the College's incorporators.

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