Riverbank State Park/North River Pollution Treatment Plant


The roof of the sewage treatment plant on the Hudson River was developed as an urban park. Two bridges provide access to this year-round recreation facility containing an indoor and outdoor swimming pool complex, multi-purpose structures for athletic and cultural activities, playing fields, court games and a running track, picnic areas and a riverfront promenade, amphitheater, two playgrounds and a restaurant with views up the river. A maintenance facility services the Riverbank State Park and other nearby state parks. The building includes shops for park vehicle general maintenance, police vehicle maintenance, general paint, and machines, as well as a materials storage room, a Zamboni room for the ice skating rink, a lunch room, lockers with toilets for the maintenance personnel, and additional general storage rooms. A greenhouse on the south side of the building is associated with the community garden and State Parks gardening programs.

Constructed, 1993


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