New York Stock Exchange

The Big Board

Founded, 1817
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A group of NY brokers formally establish the New York Stock and Exchange Board, an organization that later will be renamed the NewYork Stock Exchange (N.Y.S.E.). formalized and established its first quarters in a rented room at 40 Wall St. The exchange grew into the largest in the world of companies listed with a capitalization of over $30 trillion. Technology changed as inventions such as the telegraph, stock ticker, and computers transformed stock trading from the physical exchange of documents between specialist brokers on the trading floor to an electronic platform.

Constructed, 1865
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The first New York Stock Exchange building was completed in 1865. About 15 years later, James Renwick expanded the building.

Constructed, 1903
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The structure was in turn demolished to make way for Emily Post's architect father George Post's Beaux Arts Style building. The exchange is now owned by ICE, a holding company based in Atlanta. The central third of the block contains the original structure at 18 Broad Street, designed in the neoclassical style by George B. Post. The northern third contains a 23-story office annex at 11 Wall Street, designed by Trowbridge & Livingston in a similar style.

May 17, 1792- Buttonwood Agreement listing the rules for trading securities was signed by two dozen stockbrokers under a buttonwood tree in front of the Tontine Coffee House which became the 1st home of the Stock Exchange.
1867- Edward Callahan invented a telegraphic device showing stock prices with symbols based on Morse Code for the Gold and Stock Telegraph Co, which he called the stock ticker

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