Prairie Modules 1 & 2


“Prairie Modules 1 & 2” consists of two architectural sculptures, tall grass, solar panels, black reflective pavers and dynamic LED lighting. This combination of references to our agricultural and urban environment is designed to invite spatial interaction and experiential awareness. Through a partnership with Indianapolis Power & Light, “Prairie Modules 1 & 2” will be the first public art installation in Indianapolis to return solar power to the electrical grid. Designed as a sculptural space inspired by the prairie lands of the Midwest United States, the M12 Prairie Modules signal a transformation in global sustainable technology and public art making. Sited on the Indianapolis Cultural Trail, the modules transform a pedestrian walkway into a visual transporter, representing components of the vernacular landscape, past, present and future. The design concept for the Prairie Modules is based on the science of time travel. As viewers pass through the space, the overhead light fields work in tandem to alter color identification and to create a transformative experience. One exits the modules with the world looking different. The simplified structures include truss-form cubes, tall prairie grass, solar panel arrays and LED units.

Installed, 2010