Touro Women's College West 60th Street


Gruzen Samton has completed a mixed-use building containing Touro Women`s College at its base and residential condominium apartments in its tower. The building is located at 225 West 60th Street. The 40,000-gsf Touro Women`s College is located in five levels between the cellar through third floors. The College includes a double-height gym, library, cafeteria, 3 laboratories, 17 classrooms, administrative, faculty and student offices, and a terrace accessible from the second floor. Its liberal arts and sciences program will serve a student population of 425 students. The 115,000-gsf apartment building is located between the 4th and 18th floors. An exercise room and community room on the fourth floor has access to a common terrace. The 80 apartments include one-, two- and three-bedroom units. The massing of the building is articulated in plan and eleva- tion. The base is located at the street line establishing a pedes- trian scale. Taking advantage of the site`s severe slope, there are separate entrances and circulation cores for the two uses. Above the base, the residential tower is set back from the street, permitting a distinct identity to each of the two uses. The exterior treatment of glass, metal and architectural concrete reinforces the identity of the base as a civic building, and the tower as a residential building. The tower is also set back on its west fac¸ade, creating private terraces for the 17th and 18th floor apartments that face the Hudson River. A window projecting through the top of the building at the 14th floor is clad in metal panels that continue as a screen wall surround- ing rooftop elevator machine room and other equipment. This element provides a distinctive identity for the building on the Upper West Side skyline.