Matthews Hall is a freshman dormitory for Harvard University, constructed in Harvard Yard in 1872. The building was a gift from Nathan Matthews. Together with Weld Hall and Grays Hall, it completes the southern end of the Old Yard. Matthews Hall serves as a dormitory for first year students. When Matthews donated the money for the hall, he stipulated that half the income of the dormitory would be given to needy and deserving students, with a preference for ministry students. The new building required that Dane Hall be moved 70 feet. The hall is built on the site of the Indian College, Harvard's first brick building, which housed a printing press, classrooms, and living quarters for English and American Indian students from 1655 to 1698. The first Bible in North America was printed at the Indian College from 1659-1663, translated into Algonquian by John Eliot. Caleb Cheeshahteaumuck of the Wampanoag tribe was the first American Indian to graduate in 1665.

Constructed, 1872