Some of the world's greatest triumphs have been celebrated right here in Lower Manhattan with spectacular ticker-tape parades up Broadway. From moon-walkers to sports stars, from politicians to performers, from war veterans to aviation aces, we have honored the nation's best with these tributes in our skyscraper canyons. As a result, Broadway has long been known as the Canyon of Heroes. The Downtown Alliance has commemorated all 204 of these ticker-tape parades by actually marking the Canyon of Heroes. As we repaved the sidewalks along the entire length of Broadway from the Battery to City Hall, we installed black granite strips at regular intervals in the sidewalks on either side of the roadway. Each strip will be marked in stainless-steel letters with the name and date of each historic parade, from the first ticker-tape parade in 1886 to celebrate the dedication of the Statue of Liberty to the fall 2009 parade to honor the World Series Champions, the New York Yankees. A number of blank strips have been included as place holders for the commemoration of heroics yet to come.

Constructed, 2002


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