Former Sea Captain John Delmonico attended the 1824 Parade welcoming the last surviving Revolutionary War hero Marquis de Lafayette when he returned to New York and was horrified that there was no place suitable to serve him.. Until that time, people ate on wooden plank tables whatever the tavern owner had on the stove. He (with his brother Peter) began serving hot dishes in the French style with a lady cashier and waiters wearing crisp white aprons and toque blanche, unheard of at the time. It became the first fine dining restaurant in New York, introducing haute cuisine to America. The restaurant is credited with being the first American restaurant to allow patrons to order from a menu a la carte, as opposed to table d'hote. Other innovations included table cloths and menu items such as Lobster Newburg and Baked Alaska. Unsatisfied with the quality of available produce, the brothers purchased a farm in Williamsburgh, Brooklyn to grow what they wanted. It goes without saying that it became New York's favorite watering hole and was nicknamed 'The Citadel'.

Opened, Dec 13, 1827

December 13, 1827 – December 16, 1835 (destroyed by fire)"Delmonico & Brother, confectioners" small cafe and pastry shop

The final Delmonico-owned restaurant, Fifth Avenue and 44th Street, November 15, 1897 – May 21, 1923

Restored, 1926

"Delmonico's Restaurant," informally called "The Citadel." 2 South William Street/56 Beaver Street. August, 1837 – July 10, 1890. Rebuilt and reopened July 7, 1891, closed 1917In 1926, Oscar Tucci purchased the restaurant and reopened Delmonico's which became known as "Oscar's Delmonico's" at 56 Beaver Street and South William Street in New York. The Tucci incarnation adopted the original menus and recipes, and became distinguished in its own right, continuing to attract prominent politicians and celebrities, such as Lana Turner, Marilyn Monroe, Rock Hudson, Lena Horne, Elizabeth Taylor, Elvis, JFK, Jackie Kennedy Onassis and others.The building was owned by the Tucci family until 1998, the Bice Group rented the property and opened a Delmonico's, with Gian Pietro Branchi as executive chef, who turned over to Spencer Levy. In 1999, the restaurant was taken over by the Ocinomled partnership, which continued to operate Delmonico's until 2021 at the South William Street location.


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