Extension to the Royal Ontario Museum


The Extension to the Royal Ontario Museum (RO M), now called the Michael Lee-Chin Crystal is situated at one of the most prominent intersections in downtown Toronto. Opened in June 2007, the Extension provides 100,000 square feet of new exhibition space, a new entrance and lobby, a street level retail shop and three new restaurants. SDL also renovated ten galleries in the existing historical building as part of this project. The Michael Lee-Chin Crystal derives its name from the building`s five intersecting volumes, which are reminiscent of crystals. The intersection of two of the crystals, both dedicated to new galleries, creates a void, known as the Spirit House. A large atrium rising from below ground level to the fourth floor, and criss-crossed by bridges at various levels, the Spirit House is intended to be a place of reflections for visitors. A fourth crystal, known as the Stair of Wonders, is dedicated to vertical circulation but also features exhibition vitrines at the landings. A fifth crystal houses the major new restaurant.

Addition, 2007