The Raigadh district is dotted with Brick Kilns that form an intrinsic part of the landscape here. Our interest lay in using this image as the genesis for the house. The choice of brick was based on colour, strength, finish… Blemishes of a handmade unit were key to the overall expression. The red earth brick does not attempt to be precise, neither does it try to create patterns or ordered jaalis as commonly seen in Indian architecture, the brick is what it is, at rest – a stack, its mass concealing and revealing life within it. The sheer thickness – mass of the brick, keeps the interior spaces comfortable cool. Experience of occupation takes precedence over formal gestures. Sun, rain and wind freely enter the house and will mark it over the years. The stack will gradually get covered with luminescent moss, nature will fight its way back. Living in a country home is about witnessing this war. Frugal farm living with a series of cells linked by a generous verandah to encourage outdoor occupation. The pool becomes an oasis, its organic form evoking a watering hole with a well attached to it. This was a "design-build" assignment, our first as architects. Humble materials, well-crafted.

Constructed, 2011