Krushi Bhawan is a facility developed for the Government of Odisha`s Department of Agriculture & Farmers` Empowerment. Located in Bhubaneshwar, Krushi Bhawan transcends the typical closed-off office campus morphology by integrating governmental functions with direct community engagement and education. The ground floor of the building has been designed as a free-flowing public space that opens out into a Plaza, whereas the terrace has been designed to house urban farming exhibits and crop samples to educate the local populace on the best agricultural practices. The purely administrative spaces – which have restricted access – have been placed on the first, second, and third floors and consist of workspaces for the State Department and Directorates. The built mass of Krushi Bhawan asserts a unique visual identity with a distinctive brick façade inspired by Ikat patterns of Odisha hand looms, created using clay in three different colors that represent the geographical diversity of the region. The material palette uses a combination of indigenous and locally-sourced materials, such as exposed brick and local stones like laterite and khondalite. Manifesting the idea of decentralized state power, the built mass of the Krushi Bhawan complex is punctuated with a vibrant and contemporary narrative of traditional Odia craft envisioned at an unprecedented architectural scale. The design scheme abides by the highest sustainability standards; and has achieved high thermal comfort for its users while cutting down the need for mechanical air-conditioning to only 20% of the built spaces. Through a meticulously developed spatial program, the complex brings the local rural population into the fold and serves as an example of how the government can be the prime facilitator of patronage for regional crafts and sustain the communities and economies built around them.

Constructed, Sept, 2018