The Abyss, a terrazzo floor at Logan International Airport, was commissioned by the Massachusetts Port Authority, Boston MA, in 1998, and completed in 2002. The floors are located in pedestrian walkways designed by Cambridge Seven Associates of Cambridge, MA, which connect Terminals B and C to Central Parking. The walkways are 27,000 sq. ft. The art budget was $300,000. The aquatic journey of Atlantic Journey continues here: the Terminal B walkways feature brilliantly colored deep sea jellies, phosphorescent squids and fish which glow in the dark. The Terminal C walkways depict creatures who inhabit the ocean floors, such as the brittle star in complementary colors of purple and orange, and a yellow sea spider set against a neutral sand like field color. Overlooking the Terminal C mezzanine is a design of diatoms, skeletons of sea creatures in an interplay of geometrical shapes.

Installed, 2002