Military History Museum


"I wanted to create a bold interruption, a fundamental dislocation, to penetrate the historic arsenal ….” – Daniel Libeskind German military history is part of German cultural history. This notion forms the basis for the redevelopment of the German Army`s Military History Museum in Dresden. The concept and design of the exhibition are intended to create a dialogue between conventional and unconventional views and to make this complex topic accessible to the whole of society in a completely new way. The design is transformed from testament to Germany`s military might into BOTH a museum of German military history an anthropological consideration of the nature of violence and war and the human and societal impulses. The content and design of the exhibition reflect the architectural contrast between the Museum`s two parts: the Chronology in the old building traces the history of Germany`s military in the form of a timeline, while the Themed Tour in the new extension deals with individual aspects and phenomena concerning the military that have had a lasting impact on society throughout the ages. This is also Germany's largest Museum.

Addition, 2011
Constructed, 1897