Honan-Allston Bike Racks and Tree Guards


This branch of the Boston Public Library was opened in 2001 and re-named in 2003 in honor of the former Boston City Councilor Brian Honan. Its widely acclaimed design features three interior courtyards, surrounded by glass-walled readings room that flood the library with light. In front of the library, Richard Duca's four tree guard and bicycle racks merge form and function. With these designs-evocative of bicycles, or perhaps scrolls or calligraphy-Duca wished to create what he describes as "timeless forms and abstract images" with "layers of symbolic meanings significant to the site." The tree guards serve as focal points surrounding the honey locust trees and also act to protect them, while the bicycle racks invite visitors to use greener modes of transportation. Courtesy of Boston Art Commission.

Installed, 2006