5 kiosks on 5 lamp poles each show 3 interconnected photographic animations, printed on successive flaps of train flap signs. The flaps turn and display the dramas like a flip book. They are triggered by motion detectors when pedestrians pass by. This project was a collaboration with more than 200 Milwaukeeans. We held a contest for ideas for the dramas, hired directors and performers, both professional and amateur, and filmed the dramas in Milwaukee. Each flap unit has 60 images; each of the 5 kiosks holds 3 flap units, with 15 animations images in all. The stated aim of the the commission was to enhance the pedestrian experience along East Wisconsin Avenue. By making an arresting pedestrian experience that is episodic and kinetic, we feel we met that goal.

Installed, 2012


Old - Public Art Network in 2012
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