The Brown Alpert Medical School interior artwork is an engraved stone wall mural with added cast bronze elements and two carved marble chairs. The concept for the artwork is the balance of communication between doctor and patient. A female and male figure is at either end of the mural, each surrounded by a pattern of willow leaves. Hidden in the leaves are objects that are associated with the unique lives of an individual: toys, tools, symbols. The interior of each figure is another pattern of plants. One half of each the engraved figure is gilded with gold. The two figures are connected by two EKG heart beats, also engraved and gilded. In the central section of the mural are three base pairs of DNA rendered in a ball and stick molecular form. On top of this is an engraved maze. Four small renderings of paired hands are within this field of the mural. Six vertical bronze elements are in relief from the stone mural. They are cast alphabet blocks spelling out words associated with the philosophy of humanitarian care, which is the core of the mission of the Brown Alpert Medical School. The carved marble chairs are placed facing each other in front of the central part of the mural. These chairs represent the discussions between doctor and patient.