Reflections at Keppel Bay


Prominently situated at the entrance to Singapore`s historic Keppel Harbor, Reflections at Keppel Bay is a two-million-square-foot residential development comprised of 6 high-rise towers and 11 low-rise villa apartment blocks of 6–8 floors each, totallying 1,129 residential units. A series of undulating towers is the focal point of this project. These curving forms of alternating heights create openings and gaps between the structures allowing for views to the horizon beyond. These shifting forms create an experience where each level feels unique as it is not in alignment with either the floor above or below. The towers and villas are composed of two distinct shapes and are intermixed across the site with differing orientation to one another. No two alike structures are experienced next to one another or seen from the same perspective.The resulting composition is a creative interplay of changing planes and reflections.

Constructed, 2012