New York Provincial Congress is founded


In May 1775, Fraunces opened his doors to the New York Provincial Congress, which was then founded in the Long RoomThe New York Sons of Liberty used 54 Pearl Street as one of their secret headquarters in the 1770s, likely meeting in the Long Room.In the mid-1770s, taverns were important public spaces for colonists to gather and discuss, deliberate, and debate their grievances against Parliament. Samuel Fraunces was a well-known patriot, opening his tavern to those sympathetic to the revolutionary cause. The first floor of the tavern was open to the public and the second floor was made up of smaller rooms, like the Long Room, which were reserved for private events.The Committee of Fifty-one was a committee of correspondence in the City and County of New York that first met on May 16, 1774. On May 30, the Committee formed a subcommittee to write a letter to the supervisors of the counties of New York to extort them to also form similar committees of correspondence, which letter was adopted on a meeting of the Committee on May 31.

Founded, May 16, 1774

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