Perfect Strangers (2nd Ave Subway Mural)


For 72nd Street of 2nd Avenue, New York, Vik Muniz photographed more than three dozen “characters” who represent all of the unique and quirky kinds of people one encounters on the subway. These photographs, called Perfect Strangers, have been re-created in mosaic and installed throughout the mezzanine and entrance areas, populating the station with colorful New Yorkers of all stripes. With the generous expanse of the mezzanine concourse, the figures humanize the space and provide bursts of color and visual interest, providing an opportunity for playful discovery while moving through the station. “Perfect Strangers” it is! This title of Vik Muniz`s art installation at the 72nd Street stop along Second Avenue describes the diversity of the riders of New York City`s subway in particular and the neighborhood residents in general. January 1st 2019 marked two years since the Second Avenue subway opened. Comprised of three dozen figures, “Perfect Strangers” brings color and more importantly humor to the daily commute of straphangers. Mr. Muniz, an artist who divides his time between New York and Rio de Janeiro of his native Brazil, is best known for recreating famous works of art in alternate media, such as string and chocolate syrup.

Installed, 2019