Nancy, A Passage of Time


The Drucker family commissioned this sculpture in honor of their deceased daughter and sister, Nancy, who was killed in a car accident in 1975. They donated the piece to the city and dedicated it on May 30th, 1978, the date of Nancy's 28th birthday. Although the sculpture might be said to resemble an open book, it is primarily abstract. The two materials used to create it-stainless steel and Cor-Ten steel-create contrast in the work's surface as the Cor-Ten half rusts with exposure to the elements, and the stainless half resists that decay. The Cor-Ten surface, then, marks the passage of time as it corrodes, alluding to our collective mortality, while the stainless element retains its sheen, as does Nancy's memory through this memorial. Courtesy of Boston Art Commission.

Installed, 1978