Grace Church High School Athletic Center


MBB designed the expansion of an existing building for Grace Church School in New York City, adding a new top floor structure for a double-height gymnasium and athletic center. The highly flexible, 14,000-square-foot addition provides a variety of spaces for different physical activities and academic uses, thoughtfully integrated within the school`s existing footprint. The addition sits on floating acoustic slabs to eliminate noise transmission to classrooms and other academic spaces below. The design solution creates a warm and inviting interior environment filled with natural light from an array of long skylights and large windows. The new arched-roof steel roof encloses multipurpose, open areas to accommodate courts for team sports as well as all-school gatherings and events. The expansion also adds new offices, locker rooms and storage areas, and a new fitness center, all serving diverse programmatic needs. The new facility`s material palette of glass, wood, and steel structural elements complements Grace Church School`s original building and interiors.

Addition, 2018