Ticker Tape Parade for Pope John Paul II


An ebullient pontiff, thrown a ticker-tape parade by overjoyed New Yorkers, was shielded from the rain by an umbrella held by Terence Cardinal Cooke, the Archbishop of New York. At a gathering at Madison Square Garden, Pope John Paul II was cheered by thousands of teenagers. “If he`d put that guitar around his neck,” said one headmaster of a Catholic high school, “the kids would have blown the roof right off the Garden.”While most New Yorkers embraced the Pope`s visit, others were critical of his decision to use the trip to express disagreement with aspects of American capitalism; still others decried some aspects of Catholic teaching or castigated the City for spending money on the Pope`s visit in the midst of a budget crisis. Over the course of the day, the Pope`s schedule was delayed twice due to an unfounded bomb threat and false report of a gun sighting.

Celebration, Oct 3, 1979

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