11 Metrotech Security Enhancements


Security devices and protection for police officers have become part of urban life. Unfortunately due to the ad hoc nature of these kinds of changes to the cityscape they often take the form of temporary barriers, concrete blocks and solid metal boxes. This project necessitated by security needs post 9-11 allowed the city agency to develop security elements that met their needs and stringent standards. The new parallelogram-shaped security kiosks create a slimmer profile and changeable views from every approach. It was important to challenge the notion that security enhancements automatically result in an aesthetic of unattractive, industrial materials and forms by providing a design solution that gave even greater interior view angles to the security personnel while being a positive addition to its environment. The sculptural quality of this unusual booth enhances and softens its presence in the street. Its cladding, made from multilayered glass panels, produces an ever-changing combination of shadows and reflections within its layers. The design attention to booth transform this post 9/11 necessity into public architecture.

Constructed, 2010