Trilegal`s new office space, spread over an area of 19,000 sq.ft., occupies the first floor of a commercial tower in the corporate heart of Gurugram. The office is a nod to their distinct brand identity– representative of their nationwide presence and embodying their future-forward vision, yet inherent rootedness in traditional Indian values. A central communal space divides the office into two zones that are designed keeping in mind privacy, while promoting easier collaboration and optimizing workflows. Clusters of workstations laid out in a honeycomb configuration lined by firm partners` cabins ease management and accommodate team discussions, co-creation and innovation–ideas central to Trilegal`s ethos. The offices become a canvas for the contemporary expression of a series of vibrant Indian crafts— Godna, Warli, Pattachitra, Gond, Bastar, and Sanjhi, all of which are executed in collaboration with artisans commissioned by Dastkari Haat Samiti. The design for the Trilegal office illustrates how a narrative of crafts can help create a memorable workspace experience for the staff and visitors alike.

Constructed, Oct, 2020