Richard A. and Susan F. Smith Campus Center

Holyoke Center


With the Holyoke Center (1958-1965), architect José Luis Sert set a new direction for increased density and large-scale modern architecture at Harvard University. Working closely with Werner Gumpertz on construction details, the building introduced radically innovative design to the building`s exterior envelope. It exploited the full potential of the 100` zoning envelope in place in Cambridge at the time, and has became the model urban design solution for expanding an institution on valuable city real estate. The building was first renovated in 1995 by Prellwitz Chilinski Associates which expanded commercial uses and character on street level. In 2000, it was renovated by Chan Krieger and Associates who added new lighting, new interior finishes, automatic sunshade control and new signage system. In 2008 Bruner/Cott with the engineering firm Simpson, Gumpertz and Heger created a comprehensive analysis of the building envelope performance to emphasize energy efficiency, and suggested strategies to markedly reduce heat loss and solar gain, improve resistance to wind and rain, and increase user comfort.

Constructed, 1966
Renovation, 1995
Renovation, 2000
Renovation, 2008
Opened, 2018

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