Jantar Mantar is situated in the central part of New Delhi and is one of the 5 observatories built by Maharaja Jai Singh II of Jaipur. Jantar Mantar, literally meaning 'devices for determining the heavens' harmony', comprises of 13 astronomical instruments. Out of these, the 4 distinct instruments are Samrat Yantra, the Jayaprakash, Rama Yantra and the Misra Yantra. Its remarkable geometric features have attracted the attention of architects, painters, and art historians from all around the world. Constructed of brick and rubble and lime plastered, it was designed for naked-eye observation of celestial locations. Due to the overtime decay and construction of tall buildings, it's accuracy has been compromised still it stands as a testament to remarkable achievement of the architecture during the 18th century.

Constructed, 1724
Destroyed, 1857
Restoration, 1901
Restoration, 2007
Restoration Begins, 2014

1958-the site was declared a national monument and put under ASI's care.
1982-The Jantar Mantar was used as a logo for the Asian Games held in New Delhi
Nov 19, 2009-A significant number of farmers marched from the Ramlila Maidan to the Jantar Mantar in protest of the sugarcane pricing ordinance passed by the Union Government

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