Located in the bustling city of Kolkata, Navyom is a minimalistic pavilion developed on its remediated site. The site, once a waste yard, includes two large banyan trees that become the determinant of the design. Navyom functions as a mock-up for the upcoming apartment on the site that it overlooks. The rectilinear form sits lightly on the elevated landscape improving the viewpoints of the building. The form bends and transforms as it circumvents the existing trees. The chamfered ends on both sides become cosy balconies expressing the experience one would have in their purchased apartment. The design is punctuated with tiny pockets of vegetation. The projected frame guides vantage point whilst creating overall visual balance. The metallic mesh lights the balcony in intricate beams, in the nature of, light filtering through dense foliage. The metal mesh that envelops the pavilion is reclaimed from an old project of the client. The spaces are carefully curated and planned. The reception table is custom designed to fit the comprehensive design language. The meeting rooms are oriented close to the canopy of trees, making the function more comfortable and sustainable. The mock-up living room cum discussion room is placed in the other end attaching itself to the balcony. The earthy tones reflect on the interiors as well, with a subdued colour palette reflecting it`s modernism and minimalism. The building does not overpower the site and comfortably fits the human scale without being underwhelming. The mostly monochromatic colours of the interior bring out the volume to its best. The landscape is a humble attempt at the recreation of nature. Assorted flora of various scales makes it appear less man made. The pavement is organic and experiential as it is intended. Navyom is a philosophical combination of ‘remediation` and ‘place making`.

Constructed, 2021