Airfoil/Captain David Ramsay Memorial


Airfoil is the centerpiece of the Roxbury veterans' memorial in Ramsay Park. It is an abstract representation of a wing in flight, seventeen feet high, fabricated from one-half-inch thick sheets of stainless steel set upon a circular base of black Zimbabwean granite ten feet in diameter. Five black granite bollards with etched tops lead up to Airfoil. The etchings show scenes from the life of a local war hero, Captain David L. Ramsay, and also commemorate other veterans from the area. Captain Ramsay, a graduate of Roxbury English High School and the United States Military Academy, died while serving as a jet fighter pilot in the Vietnam War. The monument was created by the design team of Valerie Maynard, sculptor, and Reginald Jackson, visual artist. Courtesy of Boston Art Commission.

Installed, 2002