Sherman Creek Waterfront Master Plan


The Sherman Creek Waterfront project is a major civic opportunity for northern Manhattan and adjacent neighborhoods in the Bronx, focusing attention on the last undeveloped waterfront land left in Manhattan. Northern Manhattan's upland is rich in parks, but access to the waterfront remains limited, particularly along the Harlem River. This stretch, long disconnected from the upland communities of Inwood and Washington Heights by topography and industrial lands, is rich in unexplored potential. The plans will improve waterfront access and create a riverside esplanade (the “Malecón”) to connect five existing waterfront parks at the ends of 202nd to 206th Streets. Further connections to existing and planned greenway improvements in both upper Manhattan and adjacent areas in the Bronx will reconnect Sherman Creek to its surroundings, filling a local need and linking to recreational opportunities city-wide.

Proposal, 2011