San Pedro Community Center


The San Pedro Community and Child Development Center renovation and addition aims to augment and revitalize the “bones” of a well-used 30 year old facility by creating new, naturally-lit indoor/outdoor spaces. The design achieves more functional clarity, allowing each of its uses to be more effective. The new Activity Room engages the front patio and creates a significant indoor/outdoor place for the facility. It also activates the street, making it livelier and safer by putting “eyes” on it. New classrooms with support facilities connect the existing pre-school portion of the center while blending indoor – outdoor space. Required preschool servant spaces are distinctly separate from the served (classroom) spaces. When open, large sliding doors that ordinarily separate the classrooms, allow for rooms to be used as one great gathering space. The landscape is shaped to create outdoor gathering places and extend usable indoor spaces. Taking the landscape into a vertical position a “living fence” is created to generate a continuous green environment along the perimeter of the building. This “living fence” is also intended to protect the building and act as an anti-graffiti screen.

Constructed, 2012