Hollywood Park Casino


In 1992 Hollywood Park Operating Company decided to add a casino to Hollywood Park transforming it into what they termed 'a bettor's paradise'. They hired a design team consisting of a local Architectural firm Matlin Dvoretzky supplemented by Lamb Architects, an Arizona firm with an expertise in casino architecture and Yates-Silverman from Las Vegas who had designed many casinos along the strip. Completed two years later the art deco inspired building cost over $20 million. The gaming equipment alone cost $5 million. Hollywood Park Casino holds the distinction of being the first casino in the U.S. to be located at a racetrack and has the world`s largest neon sign (visible from the air by airplanes landing at Los Angeles International airport) attached to its roof spelling out the word “CASINO.” In 1999, Hollywood Park Operating Company sold the Hollywood Park Racetrack and Casino to Churchill Downs, and leased back the casino.

Constructed, 1994 BCE
Moved, 2016


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