Barnum's American Museum

Barnum's New Museum

Opened, Jan 1, 1842

In 1842, PT Barnum opened a combination zoo, museum, and freak show; attractions included Tom Thumb and Siamese Twins Cheng and Eng. At its peak, 15,000 visitors came daily, or 38 million total visitors.The site at Ann Street was then used for a new building for the New York Herald newspaper.

Burned, July 13, 1865

It burned in a spectacular fire in 1865.

Moved, Sept 6, 1865

Barnum's New Museum opened September 6, 1865, at 539-41 Broadway, between Spring and Prince Streets.

Burned, Mar 3, 1868

But the second location also burned down, on March 3, 1868. It was after this that Barnum moved on to politics and the circus industry. Barnum's American Museum was one of the most popular attractions of its time

1846-At its peak, Barnum's Museum was drawing 400,000 visitors a year
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