Sonic Gates enhances the existing classical columns of the plaza entrance. Passing through one of three entrances, will trigger a photo-electric cell, activating a tone from a speaker overhead. The tones are scored to be in consonant harmony, but change in pitch and timbre throughout the day, acting as a “sonic gate” to the plaza, further reinforcing the act of entering and exiting the space. Percussion Water Wall features 64 water jets arranged in an 8 x 8 grid that play a series of water mist patterns. Patterns are played randomly at a slow, gentle pace, and at other times frantically, in a staccato rhythm. The fountain responds to activity in front of it, using two proximity sensors; when alone, the fountain is “sleeping.” When people pass by, it “awakens” and starts to dance. A quiet sound score accompanies the piece. Media Glockenspiel within the clockface installed in the plaza`s 85 foot clock tower, sits a circular ring of 20” video monitors. At the center of this ring a monitor displays a set of images of the sun setting or rising around the world over the course of an evening. Icons emerge from the glockenspiel doors four times a day. At dawn, the abstraction of a rooster appears, along with sound of crowing. At noon, a steam whistle appears, and steam and smoke are emitted, to suggest a “noon whistle.” At sunset, the door opens, revealing an abstraction of a cannon with smoke and the sound of cannonfire, suggesting the University`s “Pirates” icon. At mid-night, a surprise object and sound appears. Acknowledging its academic environment, the piece is designed to be experimented and “played with” by the University`s music and art students. Ground Cloud In the middle of the plaza, is a circular water-mist cloud installed over a grate that “dances” according to the whim of the wind, at times static or furious. At night, the cloud is illuminated by a large beam of polychromatic light that shines through the grate. As in the other elements, there is sonic accompaniment to the water form.

Installed, 1991