The FC Dallas (Football Club) Soccer Complex is home to a professional soccer team as well as 19 practice fields for school and amateur teams. Dozens of soccer leagues fill the fields with running players throughout the season. The sculpture, Frisco Flyer, was commissioned to mark the center of the practice fields. Mercury`s winged foot, encouraging the players speed, is rendered in stainless steel and gold. A plaster cast of a human foot was sent to a medical imaging company that put it through an MRI scanning device. The resulting layers were then reformed into the image of the foot in a configuration that is similar to a topographic map. The winged foot is made from 25 paneled sections of ¼” stainless steel plate, held apart in 3” increments. These vertical contours are welded together into one rigid form. Seen as a solid from most vantage points it will become more ghostlike and ephemeral when seen through the axis of the foot, toe to ankle. 42 Aluminum feathers are inserted between the foot plates. They are gilded with 23 carat gold leaf. The base is 15` in height, 3` in diameter. It is at a 15% angle to the ground. A ring of light emitting diodes (LED`s) baths the flying foot in changing color. An 18" tall 24` across Star platform base surrounds the column. It is made from concrete and clad with one inch thermal finish granite. Engraved into the top of the granite are the word "soccer" in numerous languages accompanied by maps of countries where the game is played and language spoken.