David Rubenstein Atrium at Lincoln Center


The David Rubenstein Atrium is a privately owned public space that acts as a gateway to New York`s Lincoln Center. It serves as a ticketing venue and information area for Lincoln Center and also hosts performances, public seating, and food service. The presence of the atrium is announced on Broadway and Columbus by two marquees that are punctuated with large occuli. Once inside, visitors are greeted by a thirty foot high plant wall, which cleanses and moistens the air and creates the sense of a calm and inviting garden. A fountain in the ceiling, trickling thin streams of water to a pool below, adds the soothing sound of falling water to the space. Occuli piercing a gold ceiling bring light and color. Along the walls is a 97-foot felt wall art installation whose 114 panels were designed by the Dutch textile artist, Claudy Jongstra. Benches and moveable seating makes the atrium a comfortable place to meet friends and enjoy a light meal.

Interior Renovation, 2011


Old - AIANY Chapter Design Award in 2011