“Light Waves: Atlanta” features a 160 ft. long hallway composed of 68 horizontal panes of colored glass. Above the glass are thirty-two computer-controlled slowly moving lights. As the lights pass over the glass forms, the colored shadows mix, reflect and refract, to create an ever-changing pattern of color on the wall. In addition, Janney has composed a sound-score to accompany the “light ballet.” Composed of environmental sounds, the score draws on indigenous sounds of natural Georgia environments. As well, there are series of “touch panels” along the hallway. As a person walks by and touches one, he triggers a soft melodic tone, allowing them to playfully interact with the artwork. Together, the interactive light and sound create a relaxing, soothing, yet playfully immersive experience for the weary travelers pass through the space. “This is a continuation of my ‘Urban Musical Instrument` series,” Janney states. “The work expands on some of my earlier experiments with colored shadow and the mysterious properties of reflected light. Together with the sound-score and the interactive element, it`s an interesting new direction for me in this series of work.” Contributing Sponsors include: Chauvet Lighting, Harman/JBL speakers and Crown amplifiers.

Installed, 2012