Greenwood Pond: Double Site


Greenwood Pond: Double Site is the first urban wetland project in the nation. It moves away from the notion of sculpture as “object” and toward art understood and realized through its relationship with nature and outdoor space. The spaces of Double Site are literally layered with wooden and screened lookouts, multileveled walkway, pavilion, and pathways. Shifting viewpoints, multifaceted situations, and ever-changing audience perceptions are all factors that inform the project. In the gradually unfolding space, the spectator can walk, explore, and climb around the water`s edge or go below the surface of the ground to sit at eye level with the surface of the pond. By integrating elements into a site, the artist alters the site without physically imposing a monumental piece of sculpture. Miss emphasizes the viewer`s involvement with a place: it is not about sign reading -- it is about relying on your senses. "Tracing the various paths through and around Greenwood Pond your experience as the viewer becomes the vehicle to lace together the various layers of the place -- city park, classroom, artwork, wetland, meeting place. You are the link between the built and the natural, the site`s past and its future uses. I would never say that my aim was to create an imaginary world, but I am interested in questioning the boundaries -- physical, spatial, or emotional -- that we take for granted.” Mary Miss

Installed, 1996