One, Now, All by artist Norie Sato is located inside the Palmer Human Development and Family Studies Building at Iowa State University. Sato`s installation is subtly integrated with the building`s architecture. In a vertical recess cut into the limestone wall, the artist`s chosen words are engraved at varying depths, forming a column of letters that extends from floor to ceiling. A stream of water descends from the top of the column to its base and the terrazzo floor, which reveals additional words formed by inlaid bronze letters. The words selected by Sato speak to human development and our ability to express meaning through language; more shallowly engraved words (e.g. stop, save, go) reflect simpler meanings, while more deeply engraved words (e.g. pain, rest, forever) have more complex and abstract meanings. Carved highest on the wall are the words One, Now and All.

Installed, 2000