Electroland studio (Cameron McNall and Damon Seeley, along with their team of tech engineers and architects) designed an interactive lighting design project for this pedestrian bridge, debuted 26 August 2010. It is motion sensitive so that an endlessly variable series of dynamic color effects light the span of the bridge whenever people walk across it. The impact from street level is nuanced just enough to catch the eye of passersby and lead them into the park where they can see the bridge light up when they cross its span. Many thanks for the assistance of its volunteer selection committee, the Public Art Oversight Committee, the architecture firm of Ritchie Smith Associates, the Riverfront Development Corporation who built the bridge, and the efforts of the UrbanArt project management staff with the cooperation of City administrators as a part of the City of Memphis Percent for Art Program. Lightspan is Memphis' first permanent work of new media public art.

Installed, 2010


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